Digital Pharmacy Sign Velez Malaga

There almost seems to be a pharmacy on every street in Velez, so you’re spoilt for choice if you need access to medical advice or supplies.

Farmacia Molino de Velasco

8 Calle Molino de Velasco
952 50 13 46

Farmacia El Romeral

45 Camino de Algarrobo
952 55 76 76

Alfonso Zarza Moya y Carmen Verdugo Sc.

5 Calle Lope de Vega
952 50 09 52

Hros De Don José Reina Delgado

6 Calle Cruz Verde
952 50 00 19

Adela Romero Alba

75 Av. Vivar Tellez
952 50 00 98

Rafael Seoane López

12 Plaza San Roque (Capuchinos)
952 50 11 97

Farmacia Los Olivos

Calle de Arbequin, 3
952 50 55 03

Farmacia Paloma Luque Díaz

Av. de Andalucia, 112
952 51 13 09

Farmacia Las Carmelitas

Calle Romero Pozo, 21

Pharmacies are open during normal working hours in Velez-Malaga so they close for siesta, Saturday afternoons and Sundays. However, there is always one pharmacy – known as the ‘farmacia de guardia’ – open at all times for emergencies. They take it in turns as to who opens during siesta and on the weekends. There is always a notice outside each pharmacy stating which one is open.

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