Discovering the Palacio Marques de Beniel

Barrio San Francisco, Velez-Malaga

Velez-Malaga has lived through a turbulent and rich history marked by pirates, Moorish invaders, earthquake and civil war. Despite the pressures faced, many of its historic buildings still survive and are open to explore today.

A mixture of styles typifies some of the important buildings and churches of the town, from the Mannerist style of Palacio Beniel, to the Baroque and Mudejar Las Claras and the Moorish design of the Mihrab archway. Here, we discover more about Palacio Marqués de Beniel…

History of Palacio Marques de Beniel

Front of Palacio de Beniel in Velez-Malaga

Tucked away in the historic centre of Velez-Malaga in the neighbourhood of San Fransisco, Palacio Marqués de Beniel stands proud on its own square. Palacio Beniel (as it’s known) is an impressive building, constructed of brick and stone in the Mannerist style, sitting in contrast to the whitewashed buildings that surround it. It was built in the early 1600s by the Molina and Medrano families, and their coats of arms can still be seen inside.


Typical of Andaluz style the building spans out from a central courtyard open to the elements and bathed in marble. Wonderful detailing can still be seen inside, such as an elaborate Mudejar-style carved wooden ceiling.

Current Use and Cultural Significance

When visiting Velez-Malaga, the Palacio Merques de Beniel is a great place to start your tour of sights, it’s in the prettiest part of town and has many other things to see closeby. It now houses the Maria Zambrano foundation and has a room dedicated to the poet and painter Joaquin Labato. It’s also the centre of culture for the town and holds the historic archives in a new building accessed from the back of the palace.

Sala Joaquin Lobato

Joaquin Lobato was a popular Spanish poet, writer and painter born in Velez-Malaga. His collection can be viewed by appointment (but quite often it is open most mornings) at the Palacio de Beniel.

After his death in 2005 he bequeathed his life’s work and legacy to his hometown of Velez-Malaga for visitors to enjoy. This space is dedicated to celebrating his life and work, featuring exhibitions of his art and literary contributions.

Sala Maria Zambrano

This permanent exhibition on the life and work of the philosopher and thinker Maria Zambrano is housed on the upper balcony tier of the Palacio de Beniel. Her contributions to Spanish intellectual life are commemorated within the palace, offering insight into her profound impact on modern thought and her connections to the town.

Although officially ‘by appointment’, within the hours of 9.00-14.00hrs you can often just walk in and express an interest at having a look and then head upstairs. There are works of art from Spanish artists such as Miro. The exhibition is currently solely in Spanish.

Expository Hall Municipal Archives

Accessed via the Palacio Beniel the historic archives of the town reside here with documents dating back to the 1400s.
The palace is used as an events space, holding classical guitar concerts, flamenco, talks and zambombas.

Visiting Information

Address: Plaza de Palacio 1, 29700 Vélez-Málaga, Malaga, Spain
Partly wheelchair accessible
Open: 9.00-14.00hrs Monday – Friday