40th Juan Breva Flamenco Festival

juan breva flamenco festival

What? The 40th Juan Breva Flamenco Festival

Why go? Whether for the flamenco curious or the full-blown aficionado, the region’s main annual flamenco event is not to be missed.

When? December 16th at 21:00 hours

Where? Teatro del Carmen in Velez-Malaga

How much? 15€

A Bit of History

Juan Breva was born in Velez-Malaga in 1844 and died in Malaga on June 8, 1918. He is a very famous name in the world of flamenco: a master and an innovator in every way, developing his own flamenco style he sang and played the guitar. In his day he was so famous that it is said he requested to be paid in gold and performed for royalty. Now his contribution to flamenco is celebrated every year with a performance in the theatre of Velez.

To celebrate the life of Juan Breva, there are three groups scheduled for the festival. The critically acclaimed dancer, Manuela Carrasco, is performing. From Triana in Seville – one of flamenco’s heartlands – Manuela Carrasco is a fine dancer who has won several awards, toured the world and featured in many films. One of THE greats, her presence is almost magical and she dances with precision and passion.

breva poster

Dancer: Manuela Carrasco

Singer: Ezequiel Montaya

Guitar: Joaquin Amador

Singer: Paqui Rios

Guitar: Chaparro de Malaga

Singer: Jose El Boleco

Guitar: Antonio Garcia

Ticket Offices

  • Palacio de Beniel – Concejalía de Cultura. Tel: 952507613 and 952507401
  • Tourist Office Torre Del Mar. Tel: 952541104
  • Peña Flamenca Niño Vélez. Tel: 639 963 848

Next year is the centenary of Juan Breva’s death and there are lots of events planned – so watch this space!

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