Welcome to Vélez

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Welcome to Vélez

Ermita de los Remedios, Velez-Malaga

Welcome to Vélez

Sitting handsomely between the mountains and the sea, Velez-Malaga is a typical Andalucian town. The capital of the Axarquia region, its historic centre is charming, authentic and refreshingly un-touristy.

Discover Vélez

Eating & Drinking

Unpretentious restaurants, bars and cafes dot the streets of Velez, each full of typical tapas dishes and wines.

Hiking in the Axarquia

There's nothing better when Autumn hits than to explore the mountains around Velez-Malaga. Here's a few hikes we recommend

Shops & Businesses

Whether you need a lawyer, dentist, hairdresser, estate agent or language school in Velez-Malaga, we have it covered.

About Velez-Malaga

History and culture underpin everything in Velez, from everyday street scenes to the town's dramatic Semana Santa.


The Axaquia region is rich with tradition and charm. Villages and towns perched in the mountains or sitting by the sea.

Things To Do In Velez-Malaga

History? Check. Culture? Check. Outdoor pursuits? Check. Family fun? Check. Sunshine and beaches? Check and check.

What's On

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